Local, Organic & Sustainable

Here at Kind Coffee we believe in giving back, not only to our community but to the earth that grows our beans.


Hand roasted kindness

We are Australian owned and operated with facilities situated along the Tweed River in New South Wales. We are dedicated to our craft and make only authentic, organic and healthy coffee products. We believe taste is paramount and our beans are meticulously hand roasted and custom blended for each recipe to achieve a delicious and recognisable flavour note, distinct to The Kind Coffee Co.

We believe in
regenerative sustainability.


The Shroom Brothers

Part of our philosophy is the reduction of waste, and we are fortunate to have partnered with The Shroom Brothers, who are also located in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. All our spent coffee grinds are passed onto The Shroom Bros. who recycle them as part of their process to grow mushrooms. As you can see, the results are beautiful healthy mushrooms in all shapes, sizes and colours.


Exceptional Espresso Martinis are founded on exceptional coffee.


A deliciously crafted blend...

The Kind Coffee Co has partnered with Kahlua, the number one selling coffee liqueur in the world to bring you the smoothest espresso martini you’ve ever tasted and guess what? It comes from a keg.

Kahlua’s Espresso Martini on Tap is a deliciously crafted blend, with an Aussie twist. It contains Absolut VodkaKahlua coffee liqueur and Australia’s The Kind Coffee Co organic cold brew coffee. It takes just 10 seconds to pour a rich and smooth Espresso Martini, topped off with a velvety crema, making it easier than ever to serve a round of Australia’s favourite coffee cocktail. 

Pernod Ricard Australia says “The quality of the pour can be credited to the innovative technology that has been developed over the last two years and the premium ingredients including The Kind Coffee Co blend, who – like the Kahlua team – are meticulous about taste. The cold brew coffee brings an intense but smooth flavour rather than the more acidic profile of a heat brewed coffee.” Kahlua’s carefully-crafted Espresso Martini on Tap is available to order now.