The KIND Coffee Co. is dedicated to making healthy, delicious products. We are Australian owned and operated and we take great pride in our work and stand committed to the art of handcrafted coffee.

About Us

The KIND Coffee Co. is born and brewed in Murwillumbah. Founders Trev and Jules established the business when they took the plunge (like what we did there 😜) and ditched their corporate lifestyles full of stress and daily grind (..and again 🤦‍♀️).

Australian owned and operated with facilities situated along the Tweed River in Northern New South Wales. We are dedicated to our craft, making only authentic and healthy coffee products. Taste is paramount, our coffee beans are meticulously hand roasted and custom blended for each recipe to achieve a delicious and recognisable flavour note, distinct to The KIND Coffee Co.


KIND things we are passionate about

Our vision is simple, provide kick arse coffee, support community, be sustainable and do as much KIND as possible. Why? Because great coffee is a MUST and it's well cool to be KIND.


How we do KIND

The Shroom Brothers

Part of our philosophy is the reduction of waste, and we are fortunate to have partnered with The Shroom Brothers, who are also located in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. All our spent coffee grinds are passed onto The Shroom Bros. who recycle them as part of their process to grow mushrooms. The results are beautiful healthy mushrooms in all shapes, sizes and colours - winning!

See our recipes

Northern Rivers Community Foundation

At the KIND Coffee Co. we don’t just make KIND, we do our best to DO KIND too! Our home town and region has done it tough this year and we are proud to be part of such a resilient and supportive community. We want to give back. We have chosen to support charity NRCF by donating 10% of all profits made between 15 Aug - 15 Oct to celebrate the launch of our new ready to drink cold brews. It’s a win win, you get to try our cheeky kick arse cold brews and help our locals too!

Be assured our support of this great not for profit will not stop after our launch promotion - join our Random Acts of KINDness newsletter to be kept up-to-date on all things KIND

Random acts of KINDness
Mark Kriedemann @moollatoo_photography

Random acts of KINDness

At the KIND Coffee Co. we want to do more than just great cold brews. We want to put smiles on faces and encourage others to do the same. Join our Random Acts of KINDness newsletter, whose purpose will be to deliver a little joy, a smile or some inspiration into your inbox every other month. We will also share anything exciting about our crews, brews and any random acts of kindness you share with us. It's going to be just lovely ;)

Yes sir, I'm up for some light, lovely, KIND inspo popping up in my inbox everynow and again!

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