What is Cold Brew?

Cold Brew is made using cold/ambient water, instead of hot. This reduces the amount of acid in your coffee and allows the natural flavours of the coffee to shine through eg hazlenut, coffee.

What Coffee Beans do we use?

Our coffee beans are sourced globally, and during the current supply chain issues we have all faced, our beans vary from Mexico, PNG, South America.

How long does my Cold Brew Concentrate last?

Our cold brew concentrate has a best before of 4 months, in a chilled environment. But once opened, should be consumed within 4 weeks.

What is the Shelf Life of Canned Coffee?

Our canned ready to drink coffees have a 12 months shelf life, and can be kept in an ambient temperature. So in the cupboard.

Why Cans and not Glass Bottles?

Aluminium cans are the most sustainable option, with more than 70% of the current aluminium cans in the market coming from a recycled source.

How much Concentrate do I use in a glass?

How much you use is up to how strong you like your coffee. We would recommend between 50 - 100ml, and then use your favourite mixer.

Can I heat my Concentrate?

Yes you can. Mix in your milk or favourite mixer and then heat in the microwave or on the stove top. Mind not to boil it though.