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Try all 3 of our awesome brews to decide which one wins the cold brew race ;)

AU$18 3 pack


Get ready for our cheeky cold brew to BLOW YOUR KIND!  Try each of our brews in one hit!

Serious about your coffee, but can’t always make it to your local barista?

That’s okay – we’ve arrived.

As well as the delicious premium coffee taste; know that you’re drinking a brew made with love from the Northern Rivers NSW and that the KIND CREW (that’s us) are just as passionate about being KIND to our Planet as we are about serving up a kick-arse cold brew coffee!

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Tastes amazing. The delivery is fast, order it on a Monday and it arrives two days later

Shani B - Product Review

Fantastic cold brew, have it straight on ice or in a long cold black or use one of the fantastic recipes that come with the coffee. This cold brew is TIP TOP. Buy it, you won’t regret it. Also the delivery speed is insane!

Cameron B - Product Review

Love this coffee! I am making it every morning and having this instead of buying coffee every day is saving me heaps!! I am loving it over ice with almond milk - low calorie and delicious 😋 I’ve used it with plain, vanilla and chocolate almond milk in a shaker with ice - all good, but with the chocolate it is really delish. I have also tried it with a teaspoon of chai which gave it a lovely spice taste. And I have added chocolate or vanilla protein powder to make it a bit thicker. Very versatile product, super yum and good value!

Cassandra W - Product Review

This has been 99% of my coffee since covid started. Making coffee at home either takes a lot of effort (and then it does taste good) or it doesn’t taste like anything, so this cold brew has been my saviour. I drink it cold, with a splash of milk and when cocktail hour comes around, I turn it into a espresso martini. I now get antsy when I see I only have a few bottles left! Super fast delivery too. Wish they would make it in larger bottles, 12 of these fill up my fridge heaps! Pro-tip: open the box upside down, so the packaging material is on the bottom, less mess :-)

Inez L - Product Review